A conversation with #4

Let me just preface this post by saying, I can go NO WHERE in my home without at least ONE child in tow. Yes, I mean NO WHERE! Heck it’s the rare occasion that I can leave the house without at least one of the four of them. It’s so bad that I feel like it’s a vacation if I can go to the grocery store sans offspring. I can often be seen singing to myself in the car “free at last! free at last!”. This is the set up for my, shall we say… interesting, conversation with #4 last night (in case you didn’t know #4 is my 2 3/4 year old daughter).

Me “It’s time to go to bed Chewcita (her nickname)”

Her “Carry me”

Me “No, you’re a big girl you can walk”

At this point she attaches herself to my leg like a mini octopus and starts whimpering like a beat up puppy dog. I of course fold like a cheap suit and carry her up stairs.

While climbing the stairs, her on my hip she says…

“See mommy you can do it. Good Mommy, yeah”

Thanks for the impromptu pep rally kiddo.
We head in to the powder room to do the pre-snooze grooming.

Me “okay baby get undressed so we can put your pjs on”

Her “DUH”

Me “What did you say”

Her “Not thing momma”

Me “Be nice, come on let’s get ready for bed”

Her “Mommy what happened to your legs? Did a seekto get you?

Me “No”

Her “Why are you legs so bumpy then?”

Me “I’m old”

Her “Very old huh?”

Me “Yep”

Her “Mommy, what is that?! Cat hair?!”

Me “WHAT?!”

Her “Mommy, you hiney growin’ cat hair on it”

Me “Time for bed!”

Her “Does daddy know you have cat hair, like Coco?”

Me “BED”

Her “How come you have cat hair?”

Me “I said BED!”

Her “Can I tell daddy you have cat hair on your (insert giggle) BUTT?!”

In the words of the immortal Art Linkledder… “Kids say the darndest things”

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