Fit Pitchin’ Friday… stole my thunder!

I was all geared up on TUESDAY this week for a great fit. Man I had TONS of material. Then I started working with The SITS Girls, lending them my wicked cool quasi ad exec skills (of which I owe ALL of them to my very own Divine Carolyn, the chief high mucka-a-muck of the ad world) for the big SITScation event. I’ve had some good luck and that just put me on cloud 9 BILLION! Then one of my bloggy-momma idols, Cher over at Mama’s Money Savers said I could hang with the cool kids and guest post for her. You can catch my post Monday! Then using some support from the simply sublime Annie K I lost five pounds this week! THEN, get this crap.. I found not ONE but TWO bras that magically lift and separate “the girls” without the whole drop and plop, wiggle and wrangle thing.. AND they were on sale.. AND, AND…check THIS,they are NOT IronMaidenForm brand!!!

I also learned how freakin’ hard it is to pitch a fit when you are feeling so groovy. DAM! Happiness stole my thunder!! Rather than try to get my fit pitchin’ mojo back I’ve just tossed my hands up in the air and allowed my self to succumb to bliss. Want proof? Check out this video… who can be all angst filled while watching THIS?! EVEN PETA diggs it, they say “ IS cute..”

Take heart though Nuggetiers… This time tomorrow I’ll be on the road to NY and the in-laws UN-AIR CONDITIONED home in Brooklyn. I’m sure I’ll be pissy again before the sun sets!!

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