It’s all her fault!

Today I’ve just got to share why I HEART the Amazing Jessica. If you’ve been around a while (like the nuggets under the booster seat in my mini van) you’ll recall her. She is the person single handedly responsible for my new frugal outlook on life. She has inspired me to exceed the confines of paying full price. And is responsible for the wiggle room in my budget. Freeing the mind of many mundane money musings so that I can devote that time to my family (blogging) and organization of my household (MORE blogging). She finally conceded a few months back to join me in the blogosphere. Today I thought I’d finally beaten my teacher when I scored some serious deals at TarJay. I boosted 3, 12 piece ZipLock container multi packs for the low low price of $1.73 (a whopping .14 cents a container!). I didn’t stop there though I got a value sized 3 pack of ZipLock bags for $1.23!!! All puffed up like a preening turkey I went to tell her all about it, only to find that she scored:

(7) Charmin 12 pks, $2.49 ea minus $6 in coupons
(12) Angel Soft 4 pks, .47 cents ea
(2) Kleenex Ultra, .57 cents ea
(1) Kleenex 184 ct, .57 ea
(1) Post It Notes , $1.29 ea
(2) Generic post its, $.25 cents ea
(1) Bayer Blood Glucose Meter, $10 minus $10 coupon

Paying a whopping $12.18 out of her own pretty little pocket book FOR THE WHOLE SHABANG!

Looking to save a buck or TWENTY?! Go check out her blog Got Steals. Jess.. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

P.S. Hey members of my new book club blog “Sittin’ on By Butt Book Club” the list is up!!! If you’re interested in the PRIVATE club (ooooh ain’t I special!) shoot me an email and I’ll send you an invite. It’s a very kicked back club. None of the “you must have a lit degree from Schmarvard, read at minimum 7000 words per minute and give snarky opinions like YOU’VE actually been published” tude required.

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