Fit Pitchin’ Friday… The Brain Snatchers!

I know they’re out there, lurking in the shadows. Waiting to pounce AGAIN…

It seems every time I get my wits back, they return! Once “super” mom, I could do it all! Four kids, no problem! You need me to make your wedding cake? DONE! Dentist at 6, doctor at 6:45.. I’m there! Blogging, cooking, child care, volunteering.. I got it covered.

Then the invasion begins and all I can say is…

So today’s fit is tossed in the general direction of that illusive pod that now houses my brain. I WANT IT BACK DAM IT!!! I need it… Take Hers, she obviously has little use for it!

Or his, maybe he’ll shut his yap if you do…

Or better yet how about these guys??? Every mother of a girl aged 7 to 15 would fall at your feet in gratitude!

So my dear readers, once again I find myself at a loss… of brain.. and therefore no snappy fit, no sharp humor, no righteous indignation… and pretty much no material for a post today. Have a GREAT weekend. Go give congrats to B over at Simply B who won the John Frieda hair care package. The snatchers visited on Monday as well so I forgot to announce it then. Book clubbers stop by and see the list and some “Wholly Crap They Cost HOW MUCH?!” updates. NEXT week… BIG announcements.. BIG, REAL BIG.. like a giveaway a day coming to a Nuggets near you! Thanks for the Tech advice too, I’m working on getting some answers there, Bloggers’ got some splainin’ to do!

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