One of THOSE moments

You know THOSE moments.. the ones that just take your breath away, but in a good way? Well today #1 came to me as I was, blogging of course! He has a knack for bugging me while I blog, like pretty much the rest of the household. I finally gave in. He had something he wanted to show me online. Giving up my bloggity throne (the desk chair) I ran through my usual mock-impressed lines “Oh that’s cool”, “WOW, where did you find that”, “Okay is that appropriate to show your mom?”. He typed in some characters and as I read the page that came up I was BLOWN AWAY! My kid has talent. Yeah, Yeah I hear ya.. ALL mom’s think THEIR kids have talent. I get it. But he does. And now he is blogging all about it! GO SEE his blog. Just his title alone, he came up with it, takes my breath away. I don’t much dig the picture, but that’s the “go comb your hair” mom in me. I’ll get him a better one. I can’t wait until he posts some of his poetry and music! I love the way he writes. So my little Nugget is working his way up to be one of the Nuggetiers. Peace, out (that’s for his generation.. he he)

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