Can I get a Woo Hoo!!!

I know it’s been a LONG while since my last Woo-Hoo box giveaway. I’m ready to do another one but this time I’m mixing it up a bit.. Givin’ ya more WOO for your hoo! Starting one week from today (next Monday, June 15th) I go on vacation! What, no woo from you? Oh sure, I’m going on vacation and what’s in it for you, right? Well a good Momma Nugget never leaves her Nuggetiers in the lurch. I’ve got some cool guest posts lined up (and some more people to bribe into posting for me). I’ll be doing an on location post from CALI…fornia (my home of record for most of my 30-something years). Fun, sun, guests.. what more could you want??? OH yeah WOO right?! So how about THIS for your WOO… I’m going to have a giveaway for nearly everyday I’m gone. And what’s she giving away Johnny? (insert cheesy game show musiack here)

“As theyyyy saaay DiPaola Momma, a picture is worth a thousand words. Soooo let’s show the Nuggetiers what’s in store during Vacay Giveawaaaayyyy 2009!”

Never clean your house again! Just spray it with some of this wonderfully fruity room spray from Home Interiors.

Now that you aren’t cleaning, put your kids to work cleaning your windows, with this full sized starter kit from Windex. They can clean your outside windows with a hose and lots of moaning about how you are THE MEANEST MOM EVER!

While you sit in air conditioned comfort listening to the sweet sounds of children earning their keep, you can get creative with either this great set of scrapbook stickers (kid themed by the way) or this beautiful scrapbook page all done and ready for you to add photo and commentary.

After a long hard day of putting others to work and playing arts and crafts in your wonderfully clean SMELLING house why not relax in a bath with some of these fun things (I’ll be adding MORE to the basket soon!)

Now that you smell as good as your house and the kids are worked into an early bed time. Go gussy up, put on that classic little black number and grab your new hand bag… is it Prada or Nada? Who knows and I ain’t tellin’!

I didn’t break out he camera for these yet, but I will!
3 super cool handmade luggage tags
1 pound organic lavender and 3 of my “how too” uses for it (winner’s choice, Soap, sachet, linen spray, carpet fresh, bath tea bags.. and more)
A Beee UUUU tea FUL Necklace and earring set (that SISSY IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO WIN!)

And the fun don’t stop there my Nuggetiers.. NOPE! I’ll be adding MORE next week. I’ll be welcoming a couple new sponsors to the Nuggets and they’ll be giving us some loot for even MORE WOO-HOO!

Now I hear ya, “so how, pray tell, do we win us this woo-hoo?”. Get your cameras ready gang. You don’t have to be a mom though so don’t give me that excuse. Go over to the blue book on my left sidebar. Learn about Fishful Thinking’s Story Book feature and get ready to make your own. You’ll be able to do one a day. That will get you an entry into my giveaway of the day AND a chance at a BIG FAT scholarship from Pepridge Farm! BONUS!!! The giveway fun will get started this Sunday (June 14th).

It’s been great being not just your CNC (Chief Nugget in Charge) but an Ambassador for Fishful Thinking. I’ve had so much fun putting their tools to use here at the Lair and out in the “real” world. I’ve earned points, made pals and also been given the nickname of “goldfish girl” around the neighborhood. Ha Nuggets and Goldfish.. EUREKA!!! And Happy Monday (I’m still working on it!)

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