I’m a GENIUS.. no really, I am!

Man it felt good to say that out loud! Well cyber out loud at least. Yes I’ve long suspected that I was super smart. Never mind that I burnt my hiney on our wood burning stove when I was 9 years old. Or that I couldn’t parallel park if you paid me. BUT I did come up with the GENIUS idea of having custom made business cards done for my blog. SHUT UP, you did NOT think of this BEFORE ME!! Okay so what if you did. You didn’t get these super cool ones made

And, and, and.. did YOU get a wicked talented MOM OWNED business like Sweet Mady’s to do it? If you did then you know how AMAZING her stuff is! Heck she even came up with these

HOW COOL! You can really get creative with this. Put together a great gift for one of you BFFs OR YOURSELF!

It’s that time of year that we honor those CRAZY people who dedicate themselves to teaching our kids. I’m big on giving them a gift before they run screaming from the school for the summer. And guess what… Sweet Mady has these SUPER cute items for the teachers in our lives.

Now as if all these things weren’t enough to get your mouse off it’s tail and over to Sweet Mady’s … WELL GET THIS!!! Sweet Mady’s is now an official sponsor o’ The Nuggets..AND as part of my Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza she’ll be giving one lucky Nuggetier a set of 40 calling cards for YOUR BLOG! You can have Sweet Mady’s work some custom magic and match your cards to your blog. Or pick from some of her already SWEET designs! Go read what she has to say about The Nuggets on her blog, yeah she is a mom, an amazing designer, business owner AND BLOGGER! can I hate her now?

The Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza rules and a full list of LOOT will be posted here at The Nuggets on Sunday. You’ll get one entry for each time you help spread the word.. blog, Tweet, FaceBook, email.. for a special SURPRISE prize JUST for those who yap about the event. Don’t forget to come back and tell me what you said (no talking behind my back, he he).

(house keeping notes: all the giveaway fun is sadly limited to the US and Canada. If I can fit in an international one I’ll put up a special post just for those Nuggetiers. The Yap contest starts TODAY and ends June 24th. The VGE contest will start Monday and run until June 27th. The winners of BOTH will be announced on June 28th. And yeah yeah, stop fussin’… I’ll break down and use randomizer THIS time. I reserve the right to snub randomizer for future giveaways.)

*I realized after writing this post that there may be a WHA? factor about the Yap contest. You are welcome to link to this post, the Can I Get a Woo Hoo post AND the upcoming post on Sunday. You’ll get an entry for the surprise loot for each post, tweet.. etc. Did I just make it MORE confusing? Maybe I should reevaluate that whole genius thing?

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