Nose to the grindstone

Hello my LOVELY Nuggetiers. I’m going to put the old nose to the grindstone (not to the car cigarette lighter like I did when I was eight. I feel a “stupid things I’ve done” post coming on there) and get everything lined up for the big Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza (VGE). So I won’t be posting again until Sunday. I know, I know HOW EVEAH WILL YOU GO ON??? Oh put on your big girl panties Scarlet and deal with it! In the end you’ll reap all the rewards of MY hard work.. blogging is a bit like motherhood eh? Don’t forget to start yapping about the VGE and leaving me links to your yaps for an entry into the spread the word super secret prize giveaway. I’m tellin’ ya I’ve got a GREAT surprise in store for that winner. So see ya Sunday.. be good!

Just in case you missed them.. here are the two posts that talk about what is coming in the VGE. A list of the loot so far AND a BIG giveaway from our new nugget sponsor!

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