Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza! (VGE)

Shortly I’ll be soaking the tootsies in the pool and catching my first California sunset in the last six years. I’m sure there will be some sort of libation involved and perhaps some of that hiney shakin’ I’m so bloggy famous for. Hooray for vacay!

But I’m not leaving my darling Nuggets with nothing. I don’t want you to jump ship to someone with a blog and absolutely no life, who can just spend hours doing multiple daily post and wooing you away from me. SOOO bring on the guest posts and bribes babe!

You’ll have to come back daily to see what I’m up to next. Will it be a SWEET (as in sugar laden, tooth rottin’, AND SUPER FUN) guest post from the likes of Lolli over at Better in Bulk? Or loot like any of the following:

(if any of my super techie way talented photog Nuggets knows how the heck to get that dam date stamp off I’ll send you candy!!!)

Or will it be another CEWL guest post from my personal green guru and sister in cheapness over at Cheapskate Mom?

But I’m not stopping there! You’ll even have a chance to win a set of 40 custom calling cards for your blog or just to impress strangers at cocktail parties. Kindly provided for this BIG EVENT by my sponsor Sweet Mady Paper and Gifts.

WAIT there is MORE!!! If you blog, tweet, email, facebook, sky write, buy a billboard to put the word out about VGE you’ll be entered into the super secret surprise giveaway, we’ll call it the “Yack about it” contest .. and the prize AWESOME! To get your entries (cuz you can get MORE THAN ONE) you’ll need to be a Nuggetier, by following me or subscribing. Comment here to let me know how your get your Nuggets. Then leave another comment with a link or copy of how you spread the word. You can get MORE entries by yacking about each daily giveaway. Considering how many days there will be in VGE you could get oodles of entries for the “Yack about it” prize. Confused? Need a diagram? Well I can’t figure out how to paste one in this post but here is what it should look like:

Contest title: “Yack about it”
Entry #1 (required) comment: Hey Nugget Momma I follow you!
Entry #2, comment: I blogged about this contest you can read it here “http:blahblahblah”
EXTRA entries..
Day one contest..comment: I yacked about this luggage tag giveaway today, you can find my post on my blog.
Day two contest.. comment: I yacked/tweeted about the calling card giveaway

SOOOO if you Yack about every daily giveaway AND this post as well you’ll get an entry each time.. potentially OVER 10 entries just for the “Yack about it” prize alone!

THEN each day there will be loot to be had and that will work like this…

Contest title: Day one of VGE
Entry #1 (required) comment: Hey Nugget Momma I subscribe in Feed Burner!(or follow or whatever, you get it.. you’re smart that way)
Entry #2 (also required) comment: I jumped thorough today’s hoop… (you won’t know what that is until the day arrives AND it is a requirement! BUT it will be fun!)

Each daily give away will require that you be a Nuggetier first. Then it will have it’s own entry criteria (as modeled above).

Still confused? can’t help ya.. I’m tapped out.

This giveaway will be open (like all the rest of Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza) until midnight Friday June 26th (eastern time). The winner will be announced Saturday June 27th. Sorry this one is only open to US and CA residents.. though I’m working on a giveaway for your saucy international Nuggets!

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