How optimistic are you?

I know that I sometimes struggle with the two halves of me. The Optimist and The Cynic. Yeah, yeah, you’re SOOO funny.. I’m two faced.. hardy har HAARRRR! But in all honesty I think we all have days where being optimistic is a challenge (unless you’re Ryan Ashley Scott over at Optimistic Cynicism and you’ve learned to live with both in harmony, he he). It’s really no different for our kids.

I’ve learned so much from being a Fishful Thinking Ambassador. One of those things is how to help my children be more optimistic themselves. How optimistic are your kids? Pop on over to Fishful Thinking. Take the quiz, read some of the articles. Here at the Nugget Lair we love doing the activities!

THEN come on back here and tell me what you liked most. Was it an activity, article, the quiz or just the idea that a tool kit like this is out there for us? When you do you’ll be entered into today’s Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza (VGE). Today’s loot is this…

A super cute set of three HANDMADE luggage tags. Not only are they cute they are functional. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen 45 black suitcases that look EXACTLY alike come off that luggage carousel!! I’ve even grabbed the wrong bag myself! Tie these bright colored fabric tags onto your bag and you’ll never miss it! They were made by the lovely and talented Yachi. God Mommy to #2 and one of my dearest friends (I wish I had half her talent and that she’d teach me how to make soba noodles!).

For your entry today remember to leave a comment telling me how you get your Nuggets (follow, subscribe, etc). And comment about what you thought of Fishful Thinking. BOTH are required for your entry today. Post, tweet, yack about today’s loot.. leave a comment telling me you did and you’ll get an entry into the “Yack about it” contest as well.

This giveaway will be open (like all the rest of Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza) until midnight Friday June 26th (eastern time). The winner will be announced Saturday June 27th. Sorry this one is only open to US and CA residents.. though I’m working on a giveaway for your saucy international Nuggets!

note As a Fishful Thinking Ambassador I earn points when you visit their site that can help me to win prizes.

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