Today is.. WHAT the heck does that mean day!

The words of the day are “Balneotherapy” and “insouciant”. Go find out what they mean.. then come on back. Tell me you’re a Nuggetier (and how). Then leave a comment telling me what you deduced. That will get you ONE entry to win this

Which, by the way, has grown exponentially since I took this picture. BUT, you’ll have to win it to see how much more loot you’ll get.

You can earn an extra entry for using both words in a sentence! AND one MORE for telling me how the two relate to each other and the prize. Yes I know I’m being all mean and teacher-ish, making your brains work for this one.. but I LIKE IT.. bwahh haaa haaa hhhhaaaaa!

OH, if you want an extra entry into the “Yack About It” contest don’t forget to Tweet, blog, Facebook, Myspace, signal with nautical flags about this giveaway. Let me know you did though so I can count your entry for the super secret prize.

This giveaway will be open (like all the rest of Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza) until midnight Friday June 26th (eastern time). The winner will be announced Saturday June 27th. Sorry this one is only open to US and CA residents.. though I’m working on a giveaway for your saucy international Nuggets!

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