I’m sure many a case could be made for my possibly needing some therapy. Heck just the fact that I’ve got four kids is enough secure me a spot on the couch.

Dr. Malfi: “So, tell me what’s on your mind”

DiPaola Momma: “What’s on it?? Do you see a stain or something? I SWEAR I cleaned that mess up this morning. WHY must I keep cleaning the same thing over and over?! Can’t you people just keep it clean for one DAY??!!! That’s all I’m asking. Just 24 freakin’ hours!! Is it really THAT hard?!!!

Dr. Malfi picking up her office phone: Um I think I’m gonna need some bright colored pills and a stylish white coat, closed arm holes, lots of buckles..stat!

Dr. Malfi, thinking to herself…”And I thought Italian guys in the Jersey sanitation business had issues!”

Okay so maybe I’m not Tony Soprano stressed out. BUT, stressed I can be. What do I do when I’m feeling like that? Besides grabbing a glass of vino as soon as The DH gets home! I get as far away from the noise of life as I can. Sure sometimes that means locking myself in the powder room. But hey away is away, right?

I also thank my lucky stars for the mom I grew up with. Her years of hippie grooviness provided me with many things. {Yes MOTHER I KNOW you were a “Flower Child” not a hippie cut me some slack okay?} The parental units were kind enough NOT to name me Freedom, Peace, Windy Summer, Sun Dancer or Abbie Hoffman Junior. I still got an other than main stream name (from a movie no less) that was the catalyst for years of name mangling and teasing. But now it’s sort of hip and when you combine my given first name with my married last name, DiPaola.. NOBODY can pronounce both and I get my karma come back and tease them! Alright that was a detour.

Back on track now. What I was getting at is that mom always tried new stuff. She was into holistic meds, organic foods and buying local before they became the stuff of the rich and nutty. Her straying from that beaten path instilled in me a “go your own way” personality. And I do. Heck I try all kinds of stuff and more often than not, fall flat on my face in front of a crowd with toilet paper stuck to my shoe and my dress tucked into my panties. BUT, every now and then I’ll get it right. Which brings me back to my stress cure.

It wasn’t long ago, but some days it feels like centuries, that I got a full day of beauty at a local spa. It was HEAVEN! It was also nearly more expensive than my car! I wanted to bring home the lavender eye pillows they sold there. Then again I also wanted to feed my kids that week. So I left feeling like jello (in a good way) and determined to figure out how to MAKE my own eye pillow. I started, like I often do, by filling myself with far too much useless information. I could spend the rest of this post and maybe two or three more telling you about the uses for lavender. But I won’t. What I will tell you is that organic is KEY! And that you can buy organic lavender in bulk pretty cheap. It can help with headaches, puffy eyes, sour stomach and YES stress relief.

So my daaarrrling Nuggetiers today’s Vacay giveaway is 1 pound of organic lavender and instructions for any three of the following ways I use it:

Lavender and Goats Milk hydrating soap
Lavender carpet fresh
Lavender and buckwheat hull spa pillows
Lavender lingerie sachet
Lavender bath tea bags
Lavender trash can freshener
Lavender steam facial
Lavender and white chocolate bark (yup you can eat it!)
Lavender sugar cookies
Lavender linen spray
Lavender linen closet freshener
Lavender door knob hanger

Okay so here is how you win. No Fishful Thinking today (unless you want to pop over and see what’s new, that’s up to you though). I want you to tell me what stresses you out. Of course you’ll have to be a Nuggetier and let me know that you are (just like the rest of the giveaways this is a REQUIREMENT for entry). Then just leave a comment. Vent, get it off your chest… PITCH IT.. HEY it’s Fit Pitchin’ Friday after all.. even if I’m not here to pitch one you still can.

You can also get extra entries into the “Yack about it” contest by blogging, tweeting, tattooing your forehead.. to tell people about today’s giveaway.

This giveaway will be open (like all the rest of Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza) until midnight Friday June 26th (eastern time). The winner will be announced Saturday June 27th. Sorry this one is only open to US and CA residents.. though I’m working on a giveaway for your saucy international Nuggets!

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