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Hey my Nugget babies… sending you my bloggy wub from sunny southern California! It’s been amazingly mild and lovely here in the desert where the folks nest. We are heading up to beautiful San Diego soon to finish up the Nugget Vacay. Can you say Shamu? I plan to take TONS of pictures, though sadly I pretty much SUCK at taking a decent one. Hey, who needs to see someone’s head really? I’m more a leg woman myself anyway.

So that takes us to today’s Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza (VGE) prize. It’s a two fer gang! The only catch is I’m on #1’s MacBook and don’t have the photos with me.. BUT if you go back to the VGE kick off post from Sunday you can take a gander there. Up for grabs today are all the tre cute kid themed scrapbook stickers AND the fabu ready to finish handmade scrapbook page. And get this.. I have the SAME one! I won mine in an “I HATE CANCER” giveaway and loved it so much I made one for YOU!

Alrighty now how do you get your paws on the loot? Tell me about your favorite vacation! EASY PEASY eh?

Just like with all the other fun days of the VGE, if you want an extra entry into the “Yack About It” contest don’t forget to Tweet, blog, Facebook, Myspace, call up the phone tree about this giveaway. Let me know you did though so I can count your entry for the super secret prize.

This giveaway will be open (like all the rest of Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza) until midnight Friday June 26th (eastern time). The winner will be announced Saturday June 27th. Sorry this one is only open to US and CA residents.. though I’m working on a giveaway for your saucy international Nuggets!

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