yeah yeah I messed up! (VGE)

So I jumped the gun and put today’s post up early (like yesterday.. DUH)! I COULD blame this hiccup on my being on vacation.. BUT we all know that screwing up is more of a motto for me, than an occasional “uh oh”. I’ll make it up to you though… today you get 1 entry into EVERY Vacation Giveaway Extravaganza (VGE) just for leaving any random comment. All the other VGE “rules” will apply as usual.. but this evening after obscene amounts of Coronado Island micro brew and Baja California cuisine.. I”m just not up to posting them all again so just check the other posts if you didn’t get the info yet. THANKS for ALL the GREAT comment wub while I’ve been out. It makes the rude comments from my family about the amount of time I spend online on VACATION well WORTH IT!!!!!!!

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