I’m BACK (well most of me is at least)..an extention to VGE!

It seems I left half my wardrobe and a good chunk of the ol’ grey matter back in California. Not to worry though my mommy will send the clothes back. As for the brain, well it’s nothing that a few days of unpacking and a nice big pitcher of summer sangria won’t cure.

Then again…I’ve got over 300 emails to deal with too! So we’ll have to wait and see on the noggin issue. SOOOO I’ll be working on getting the VGE winners plucked from the pile and getting them all duly notificated. THEN I’ll be posting again. Hope all you nuggetiers have gotten your summer off with a blast too! OH, keep yakking about VGE. I’ve exteded the entry closing dates to this SUNDAY (June 28th) I’ve got a BIG HONKING prize for that winner and one more giveaway to go.. the Prada bag!!

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