All good things must come to an end.. thus goes VGE

But before we say good bye to the grand old Vacation Giveaway Extravaganza (VGE)… I’ve got one more goodie to add to the list (and that doesn’t include the SUPER SUPRISE Grand Prize Yack About it loot)… Is it Prada or Nada?

I don’t know and who’s gonna ask really? It was purchased in a high fashion district in a chic Sarah Jessica Parker type city. It’s a cute black bag, brand new and whoever wins it will either love it OR GIVE IT BACK DARN IT!! (ha ha).

So since this prize is TRE CHIC and soooo cool you’ll have to do something really hard to get it. Grab an apple and balance it on you noggin, I’ll be by with a blind fold, bow and arrow.. nah it’s not gonna be THAT potentially leathal! What I want you to do is go visit a blog you’ve NEVER been to before. Spread some comment wub, tell that blogger about the giveaway and come back here an tell us all where you went. It’s all about shareing the bloggity wub! If you’re a SITSta grab someone from roll call. If you aren’t a SITSa.. YOU SHOULD BE! Click on the SITS button on my left side bar to check out The Secret is In The Sauce! Or you can just pick a random blog but SITS is SOOOO much fun you WANT to be a part of it! I dig my SITStas SOOOO much I’m heading to VEGAS BABY just to hang out with them at SITScaton 2009!

You’ve got until midnight this Sunday June 28th!!! And remember ALL the VGE goodies are still up for grabs through that date as well. See my brain farts and YOU reap all the benifits! FYI, all the other VGE rules apply, don’t know what they are? Check out any of the other contests (all can be found on my right hand side bar under “VGE”)

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