Make a difference Monday

When I’m on my game I always try to announce my contest winners on Mondays. It’s my simple way of doing my part to make Monday’s not suck dirty nasty toenails, like the usually do! I’m almost Garlfield-esque in my loathing of Mondays. I don’t like them one bit. I do not like them in the rain, not on a train or on a plane… Mondays are simply just a pain (ooooh check out my Seussy chops there!).

Being that the VGE just ended at midnight last night, and considering I STILL have not unpacked all the thoughtfully purchased CRAP that the kids received from various family members and friends… who seem to not understand the meaning of RESTRAINT! Don’t get me wrong my nuggety peeps I TRULY do appreciate the thought, love and coin that went into the gifting of 2,137 sets of crayons and 417 coloring books to the offspring. I even get mushy gazing upon the Everest sized mountain of stuffed animals that now reside in the play room. I’m just saying it will take some time to adjust. And might I offer this word of advice to those of you out there looking forward this summer to a long awaited reunion with family and the children there in… Upromise… Pass up that snuggly soft over sized stuffed varmit and instead sign those kiddos up on! It doesn’t cost a thing and depending on their age (I’d suggest starting at 28 hours old) by the time they go to college you might just have accumulated enough cash in their account to buy half of one of their REQUIRED $733.46 textbooks that, on the very fist day of class, the professor will tell them NEVER to open as he won’t actually be using it!!!! (nope I have no pent up frustrations from higher education, none at all, not me).

So this Monday I’m inviting all of you to make a difference in the education of those less able to obtain the supplies they need.

Do Something 101 is a project sponsored by Staples. Go check it out. And if you find that your family is in need, take advantage of the program. And if you just might be in a position to help, DO!

I’ll be helping out. AND I’ll be doing my very BEST to get all the VGE winners picked and notified this week!

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