Drum roll (and some slack) Please….

I’ll confess, I tried my VERY best to use Random.com and capture a screen shot of each winner of the Vacay Giveaway Extravaganza. And if you’ve hung out here for very long you know my deep dark secret…. I’m the “Dummy” mentioned in EVERY “..for Dummies” book written about ANYTHING related to technology. What happened to me? Man, I used to rock that Comadore 360! Sadly much like that old workhorse of the pre-pc age, I’m now an antique. So this is where I need some slack. I didn’t get screen shots, but fear not gang I DID use Random.com’s random number generator. You know how you can tell? Someone won TWICE!! My sense of fairness would NEVVVAAAA let that happen. This turn of events has served to reinforce for me that yes, I AM RIGHT!! And yes, MY WAY IS BETTER!!! So all future Nugget contests will be done the old fashion way… drawing names. SO THERE, it’s my blog and I’ll pick winners how I want too (sticks out tongue and shakes hiney in your general direction).

Alright on to the IMPORTANT stuff…Drum roll please…

WINNERS!!! I haven’t had the time to notify anyone in person yet. So if you’d like to pop over to the winners and give them crap for winning the prize YOU wanted, feel free. We’ll call that official notification. If you happen to win and read this post. Please send me your snail mail info via email and eventually you’ll get your loot likely via pigeon mail (just kidding I already have boxes standing by). Here we go Nuggtiers, hope you had fun while I was out!

The winners by prize are:

The handmade luggage tags will go home with Nuggetier in the lucky #3 spot, The Kooky Queen Rachel.

Our Nuggetier with the soon-to-be cleanest windows, cuz she won the Windex Outdoor starter kit, sat at #18 (and this was an extra entry slot she got for Yacking about the whole contest) is The Main Lady Bug.

Because she is so very smart (as many of you are) and knew not only what the words meant but used them in a sentence, the lucky Nugget at #2 Joy won the lovely Spa goodie basket.

Therapy, therapy.. I NEED me some therapy! Lavender isn’t cutting it these days. But let’s hope that the simply sublime organic lavender and recipes for it’s use will work for the winner in spot #11 (also an extra entry winner!) Barely Domestic Mama.

Who doesn’t enjoy a post about penis?! I have to say I STILL giggle over the guest post from the wonderfully tallented and CHEAP, Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom! And one lucky Nuggetier, the one in spot #18. Walked away with NOT only a great laugh but a Target card worth $15! So go fuss at Tattooed Mini Van Mom. And while your fussing at her about this ALSO fuss that she came in at spot #4, for the Scrap booking loot.. which just so happened to be the WINNING NUMBER!

What is a Nuggetier without her bling?! Well I know one who won’t be going blingless. She landed spot #10 which won her, Tamara B (who does not blog, so you can leave her comment fuss here, telling her to BLOG ALREADY), a necklace and ear ring set.

Beginner’s luck (I’m assuming that’s what it was because she is a New Nugget) played a part in the next win. Landing at #7 won Rocksee won the Prada (or maybe Nada) bag.. AND because she followed the rules and visited a random blog Life on Brixton Lane. That blogger will get a box of random loot too!

And the BIG WINNER.. of THE GRAND… SUPER SECRET… PRIZE (that I”m still not done loading up with loot yet) was the lucky Nuggetier, one of our “usuals” who was #6…
Martha, Martha, MARTHA at At a Sense of Humor is Essential. Martha will get, in addition to her loot, the title of Queen Nugget for the day! I’ll be putting together an interview style post with the lovely Martha to be posted here at the Nuggets. So go visit her blog. Email me any burning questions you might have for her. Even though she’s a nurse, let’s keep the QUESTIONS burning not questions ABOUT things THAT burn. There is after all such a thing as TMI! I’ll also give you the final line-up of her loot, just so you can drool. And of course so you can fuss at her!

Thanks for playing gang and for being the BESTEST BLOG PEEPS IN THE WHOLE WIDE BLOGOSPHERE!! I hope you all get a chance to have a great vacation this summer too!

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