A ship on the horizon

I’m taking a bloggy break to get the VGE goods SHIPPED (brilliant play on words there huh?). I SUCK at getting things shipped. Just ask my parents, whom often have a second Christmas in January (okay more often February) because I didn’t get to the post! SOOO I’ve got to track down some shipping 411 for some of the winners and get packing. And there is the whole being a mom, wife, secret super hero thing too… maaaan I wish I could hire an entourage! So what if they end up just being my personal bling brigade, it still sounded good. Anywho my ever so crispy and golden Nuggetiers, even though the lure of my hottie hubby on the beach in Cali couldn’t pull me away from you.. my sense of responsibility to my nuggetiy winners will. Is that warped? Oh well, it’s not like it’s the FIRST time I’ve been accused of being warped!

FYI, if you were a winner and haven’t emailed me yet. PLEASE give a Nugget Mamma a break and do so. That way I don’t have to hunt you down like TAPS in a Scottish castle..woooo scary.

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