A call to arms.. well okay maybe just a plea for help but that sounded so literati didn’t it?

I’m in a funk peeps.. really I am. See I turn 38 on July 8th. Yeah, I SOOO don’t want to hear it from the OLDER Nuggets out there “38, oh you’re just a baby”..”Wait till you hit 104 like me!”.. “It’s the life in the years…” blah blah.. bletch! And even less welcome are all you nubile young spring chicken Nuggets “OMG, IDK how you can B so OLD!”.. “I hope I’m as energetic as you, when I’m your age”… “ROTFL, you are HOW OLD?”… I’m gonna just be depressed about it. I HATE getting saggy, baggy and haggy. Who’s idea was this whole “grow old gracefully” thing? I plan to go kicking and screaming! Do not go gently into that good night.. grab you some botox and FIGHT!

So I did some blog cruising today. Mostly to avoid mirrors and early birthday ecards (thanks so much to my lovely pals who are making me 38 years and TWO days older!).. I visited one of my favorite Nuggetiers,Bee and Rose
and she found a way to make me laugh.. I haven’t in days!

It seems that Chaka is going to shut down his blog if he doesn’t get 100 followers by the end of July.. I LOVE the smell of bloggy desperation in the morning (or any time of day, hence the many giveaways on this blog!).. so I went so see what the hub bub was about.. and I have to say, the blogosphere will be loosing if Chaka goes bye bye… after all this pic alone is enough for a freakin’ comedy blog award

Okay so MAYBE not all of ya are SciFi dorks LIKE MOI but I just cracked the frick up over this one!

So do something good for your fellow bloggers and Visit here.. SAVE CHAKA!

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