~My turn to do Not Me Monday~

I so enjoy reading all the great “Not Me Monday” posts. One of my favs is of course the simply sublime SITSa Carma Sez… I have NO doubt her post will kick my post’s wobbly bits all over the blogosphere BUT I’m gonna give it a go anyway.. so here is MY first ever “Not Me Monday” post.. tadaaaaa!

I did NOT drink half the beer in the fridge all by my lonesome this weekend.
I did NOT worry that, though he is a super guy and the best squirrel hunter in the mid Atlantic area, The DH might just catch the back yard on fire with his killer pyro show ala DiPaola.
I did NOT, not get all the packages from the VGE contest (of which my bloggy break was billed on behalf of) done and to the post.
I did NOT wonder why some of you ENJOY packing and shipping things!
I did NOT get all tingly watching the trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price in the theater on Saturday.. and I WILL NOT BE GOING TO THE MIDNIGHT SHOWING OF SAID FILM ON THE 14th AS I AM NOT A DORK!
I did NOT almost cry thinking about what my big kiddos where doing back in CA with their dad and grandparents because of course I don’t miss them at all.
I did NOT get all this for FREE and better at CVS Sunday:
(5)10 packs of No 2 pencils
(1) double bladed pencil sharpener
(6) rolls of transparent tape
(2) Fabreeze Noticables plug-in air fresheners
(4) bottles of Dawn dish washing liquid
And I would NOT be happy to help any of you learn how I did it!

This was fun, but I doubt that it will make for an un-sucky Monday as those RARELY happen and even MORE rarely after a 3 day weekend. But I wish you all a good one and if you can’t find it either I wish you chocolate and hooch!

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