Don’t you wish…

Don’t you wish that you could go through life with a sound and/or video recorder constantly on? Of course you’d be able to erase the stuff you didn’t want to show up on YouTube, like that time you had a few to many mojitos at Son Cubano in the meat packing district of NYC and got your stiletto stuck in the cobblestone road, falling with grace not often seen outside of a Japanese game show, thus annoying the cabbie of questionable citizenship who’s cab you now lay sprawled in front of with your knee bleeding and your butt throbbing, praying no one will notice that you are NOT in fact wearing Jimmy Choos but the Payless BOGO special you picked up last year. All whilst the glitterati show little concern for your physical well fare and kindly pretend that this didn’t just happen in front of Stella McCarntey’s studio, for fear you’ve just besmirched the zen coolness of the scene.. OH where did THAT come from? Such imagination I have!

I was thinking more along the lines of wishing I’d been able to capture the heated discussion between off spring numbers 3 and 4 in the car yesterday. We are a very musical family. And I’ve managed to avoid most of the Kidz Bop crud out there and hopefully have instilled just a smidge of cool into all of my kids. After all lets face it I WOULD NEVER be the person described at the start of this post! So, as is often the case, we were listening to our local alternative radio station while cruising about getting things done. We are also often heard singing along. This time was no different save that it sparked the following debate between the babies over the Red Hot Chili Peppers song “Californication”:

#4 sings the chorus (which is actually “Dream of Californication”): “Peanut Butter on vee-cation”

#3 hollers at her: “NO, it’s not that words! It’s California for vacation. Don’t you remember we were just there!”

#4 takes it up two more notches on the volume: “Peanut Butter on VEE-CATION”

#3 yelling again: “Sing it right!!! it’s California for vacation. If you don’t sing it right you can’t sing it!!”

#4 yells back: “Aren’t you listening? It’s not what you say, it’s how I say… PEANUT BUTTER ON VEE-CATION!! It’s no California that’s for Memaw, stop singing it wrong!”

#3: “You’re just a baby you can’t read!”

I’m thinking maybe I need to get a hold of Flea and Anthony Kiedis and let them know I’ve got them some new song writers.

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