What the HELL Wednesday..

Alrighty then.. That counts as the first WTH moment, did I just quote Jim Carrey.. NEVER! I’d rather suck wax fruit!

So WTH have I been up to? I realize I’ve let soooo many days pass by without a post, gasp, choke, stammer, swoon. Well, I’ve been M.I.A. (Moaning Idle & Apathetic). Not really but that sounded so pithy, no? Seriously though I have had a full plate. And in the words of the exalted Floyd, “You can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat”, (if you are under 35 and don’t get that quote, I don’t want to hear it, OKAY!). So I’ve been cramming my yap full of the chops, cutlets and crown roasts on my “to do” list so I could have my pudding. Not the 60 calorie Jello crap either. I’m talking full blown Death by Chocolate, baby! Or better yet hours of endless blogging, blog reading and being a comment Ho of epic proportions. That doesn’t rule out the chocolate does it?

So to answer that burning question.. it’s nothing a little anti fungal can’t clear up, oops wrong burning… the question was WTH.. right? WTH was I thinking leaving my Nuggetiers hanging, no wisdom in sight? My answer, I was working on things for YOU. It’s ALL about you after all. And when my work is done I’ll present the fruits of my labor on a golden platter at your feet and never again let so many days pass without a post. I know.. WTH, huh?!

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