Vegas Baby!

Flog me, I know I’ve been bad. I haven’t posted much lately. And even WORSE I haven’t been blog stalking at my normal level. I blame it all on Vegas!

You see, I’m working hard at getting sponsorship for and to SITScation 09. I’m doing okay so far with names like Smart For Life,Corazonas, Seventh Generation, Lucini , and Mystic Wonders Inc all showing up for the big shindig because I convinced them it’s the place to be, it promises to be a BLAST! Know anyone looking to promote at the event? Let me know. And to you, my Nuggetiers, I promise that I’ll be representin’ in Vegas and in the end it will be fun for ALL my peeps. I simply ask a bit of indulgence with my sporadic appearances until then. My solemn vow; I promise be back as often as I can, and bearing gifts from time to time. Thanks for sticking with me!

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