Need a makeover?

I didn’t want to say anything, but… well we’re friends right? I would never say this if I didn’t’ care… But… well… your blog is looking a little tired these days. No worries though, so is mine. I say we go get a makeover. And hey, since I’m super cheap how about we try and get one for at a discount! Or even for FREE! The super-talented Emma of Indie Chick Designs is launching her new business. I KNOW we all LOVE to support chick and mom owned business, huh! It’s like a match made in bloggy heaven. See, in celebration of that launch she’ll be giving one lucky blogger a FULL makeover. We’re talking Red Door treatment kiddos! So go check her out. Isn’t her little man Ollie the bee’s knees?! I say we all pile in the Vista Cruiser and take a trip to Belfast to hang out with her. You game?

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