Must have coffee… (in her best zombie voice)

I’m still swamped from the weekend Nuggetiers and I’ve got all the FUN that comes with dirty toenail sucking Monday… so I need me some caffeine! I thought you might need some too. So here is a FREEBIE for Monday. Part of my ongoing effort to make Monday NOT suck!

Details: McDonald’s will be giving away a free Iced Mocha (7 oz) or Hot Mocha (8 oz) each Monday from 7:00am to 7:00pm

And BIG thanks to Mindi over at Moms Need to Know. Go stop by. She is AMAZING!!! Talk about cheap tips, ideas, fun, advice and FREEBIES! Say “Hi” for me.

OH OH and a BIG BLOGGY shout out to Becca the mom of Ford (Sonny’s long lost bro) and a kick butt cookie baker! I was the LUCKY winner of her first giveaway. A batch of a-FREAKING-mazing oatmeal, chocolate, raisin CRAZY good and I’m sure low cal low fat cookies. BUT she didn’t stop there! She sent me dark chocolate truffles (think she is trying to bribe me for something?) AND Spa products. I HEART HER, duh! And hey guess what.. one of my bestest best bffs in the “real” world JUST, after months of nagging by yours truly, started blogging!!! Bout’ dam time! Stop by with a Nuggetini and welcome Heidi. HUGS to all.

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