TuTu Tuesday

Normally I try to get in my “Two Cents Tuesday”, a fabulous way to get to bloggy “know” you dreamt up by the equally FABU TuTu’s Bliss (she is an amazing chick!). But today I’m going to bow out with the same gallant excuse I’ve been using for not keeping up with my Nuggety duties.. I’m BUSY! I could also blame it on the fact that when I popped over to TuTu’s place this morning looking for inspiration (aka the easy way out) she didn’t have her Two Cents in. SOOOO here is what happens when I have little time and even less inspiration (to rip off from others)… I give you TuTu Tuesday!

One can sport the Pink “Queen” of the stage be-tutued look with this hot little number (I for one would like to look half as good in spandex as some of those boys in blue!)

Of course one might also choose to celebrate TuTu Tuesday by going in.. well let’s just say the OTHER direction

This is my new excuse for missing my weight training classes.. AND for avoiding the Macy’s makeup counter in The Village!

So my Nuggetiers, have a happy Tuesday and heck why not go grab ya a tutu or two, too?

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