More Fish in The Sea

I’ve gotta tell ya Nuggetiers, I’m really stoked that Pepridge Farm has decided to continue with the Fishful Thinking Ambassador program. The next few weeks they’ll be working on lots of fun new stuff to help us out this school year. I will OF COURSE be keeping you updated, offering cool stuff and um maybe oh I don’t know.. giving away things?!!!

While you’ve got the chance why don’t you go check out some of my favorite things from the first half of the program. Like a Happiness Scavenger hunt. My kids and all the kids at #3’s pre-school LOVED Treasure Box. This one is a BLAST even #1 (a TEENAGER NO LESS) In your shoes (now if I could just keep the girls OUT of my shoes).

So Nuggetiers, we’re in for some more fishy fun soon. Stay tuned.

See ya tomorrow for Fit Pitchin’ Friday… teaser..MJ and money

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