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Yes my darling Nuggetiers, I have a confession to make. Much like crawling by the Jimmy Choos boutique on 5th Ave in NYC (in a cab, I have SOME pride), I find myself suffering from the “I wants”. Of course what self-respecting even dormant (as in my case) Fashionista wouldn’t drool over kicks like these?

insert pout and sigh here.. They are so purdy, no? Like Kim Kardashian needs more! I could have them, huh? Then again I could choose to put the purchase price towards, um I don’t know, FEEDING MY KIDS FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS!

But, as much as I’d like to prattle on about shoes I’ll never wear, this post is deeper than that. See I’ve got a really serious case of Blog Envy. Yes there is such a thing Dr. Freud. And to compound that I’ve added a heaping side of guilt, finishing the whole ensemble off with a trifle layered with self doubt and light fluffy babyishness (is that even a word?).

I want to rock dam it! I’ve got all these super cool bloggy buddies who are real world pals too.. and I feel so not worthy. Yes I realize the Wayne’s World implications there, and YES I KNOW that makes me OLD as dirt! Crap now I’ve got an age complex too.. thanks SOOOO MUCH for reminding me about my age. I blame you! It’s just easier that way.

So back to the coveting thy neighbor’s blog. I wish I were brave enough (and a 10th as talented) as my girl Mary over at Pajamas and Coffee. Then there is the Hip as I WANNA BE! Ms. J-girl of, how fitting, Hip As I Wannabe. And to make my pity party complete, our very own long time Nuggetier. A very talented, savvy, cheap and gifted chick, the divine Ms. Tamara of Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom has just been named a blogger of note by Blogger! Sure I’m proud of her. Heck when she hits the big time I can say I knew her when, and prove it with THIS guest post. Why oh WHY didn’t I think to write a post about penises?! Maybe I’d have tripled my traffic too. I now see the folly of my blogging. What you really want is raunchy and free stuff right?! Go ahead, tell me the truth I can take it. Is THIS what you are looking for?

A little something for the pussy in your life? FREE? That was the deal right? Raunchy and FREE.. so what if it’s just Iams! I’m trying here!

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