It pays to talk trash

Remember “Big Brother”? And I’m not talking the cheesy reality show one here. I mean the “Big Brother” of George Orwell’s novel 1984 (required 6th grade reading for all us old farts). As I recall the tag line went something like this “Big Brother is watching”. Well if our modern day big brother is the corporate noogie giver.. well then it pays to talk trash about him!

What the heck is she rambling on about? Well, one of the bloggers I faithfully stalk, and often mention here in hopes that she’ll read my gushing bloggy luv letters, made a comment a while back about MapQuest.

Even with the oh so reliable directions from said online navigation site..she got lost after hanging out with me and the Maryland Mommy Bloggers, somehow ending up in DC! I don’t judge though because I’d get lost in a paper sack. Soooo, after avoiding being car jacked by roving gangs of unpaid, over educated interns she put her mommy mojo to work, turning it into a fun family adventure. And like any good blogger she got back and bitched about it on her blog. And guess what.. MapQuest commented on her blog… how very KGB huh? They of course offered to fix the problem. Though at this point they could only offer her directions to her bathroom as she was ALREADY HOME! It was good for a laugh and some goosebumps. After all that’s kind of creepy, yes?

Leave it to her to go whining and complaining about another Corporate Bro. Yesterday she blogged about the epidemic of crappy donut hole selections.I was SO with her on this one. What ever happened to the jelly filled donut hole? I refuse to even buy those evil little nests of heavenly bite sized fat pills anymore, because I always seem to get stuck with the same four flavors. Only one of which is treadmill worthy, the glazed one. And wouldn’t you know it they get their undies all in a knot when I ask for 50 glazed only donut holes. The nerve! I can safely say that it has been so long since I’ve seen the jelly filled redheaded step child of the donut that offspring numbers 3 and 4 have never even heard of such a thing. That borders on being criminal does it not? After all America runs on these things right?

Fast forward a few hours after her post and pop over to her Twitter account… Dunkin Donuts tweets about her blog post! I’m telling ya Nuggetiers Big Brother is watching! Did you know that the jelly filled gem of cellulite producing fried dough is a “required variety”? SHOCK! and joy.. because now I’m going to go demand what’s rightfully mine! Give me jelly filled donut holes or give me.. well okay just give me the full sized donut.. I’ll have a mocha latte with that too.. sure add whip..what were you considering NOT putting syrup on top?

What have we learned Nuggetiers? If you want something done, complain about it on your blog… Big Brother is watching. I’ll do my part with the following…

I wish GODIVA ( had a monthly delivery service (that time of the monthly) and could make fat, sugar and calorie free chocolate that tates JUST LIKE the real stuff. Come on people you call yourselves chocolatiers? Really!

I need me a sponsor for BlogHer 2010. I’d do just about anything to get one too…Even this! (sing with me) Jose Cuervo you are a friend of mine, I’d be happy to shout about it with a big assed freakin’ sign. (

Tiffany&Co (, breakfast.. I’m good there. A gold key that opens nothing for a grand! Are you kidding me? Come on guys the new name of the game is bargain! I’d like to get my hands on something more than an ink pen in your store for my hundred bucks.

(do you think they are watching? probably not but hey I didn’t have any better material for a post today)

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