Go check ME out!

It happened Nuggetiers.. I’m FAMOUS! Well okay maybe I won’t be having mojitos with Brad and Angie but who needs em anyway? I have always believed hanging out with people that are just too beautiful makes you ugly. DUH!

So it’s not the red carpet. But, I’ve made it into a post at one of my FAV saving money sites in the whole wide blogosphere For The Mommas. Of course I EXPECT YOU to go over and check out my little piece on a HUGE DEAL I got this weekend. BUT because I soooo heart my little Nuggets I want you to visit for your wallets too. Today Shannon, the master-cheap-mind behind the site has tips on where you can get SUPER CHEAP school supplies like, .01 (yes CENT) on spiral notebooks. She even has some great tips on newly released online coupons. GO, you’ll be glad you did! Then come back here and tell me about your deals!! Maybe I’ll have to dig up something to give away.. what do you think? A nice soy based candle or a great plug-in smells so good thingy? Yes?

OH an update on the “Bird Poop”. My Twitter account has been suspended until they can figure out who was sending those sucky spam tweets under my name. I hope they fry them birdies! According to Twitter support I’ll likely loose all my tweeps (followers) when the do get me back up and running. So I’ll keep ya posted and BEG you to come back once I’ve got a Twitter account again.. (sing “babies come back, you can blame it all on tweets, they were spamie and I just can’t live without tweeps”

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