Not ME Monday!

As always credit for “Not Me Monday” goes to McMamma over at My Charming Kids (and they are you know).

So here is my take on it this Monday…

It was Not ME, who went out on a limb and contacted Smart For Life. Because it was Not ME who couldn’t get that dam “who stole the cookie from the cookie jar” song out of their head. And it was Not ME who figured when I told them I’d love to try their product and blog about it, that thought they’d just laugh their heads off. And it certainly was Not ME who had to pick her butt up off the floor when they said they’d love for me to try it out for a month and blog about it!

And guess what Nuggetiers.. it was Not ME who lost 5.5 pounds this week and didn’t get cranky, hungry, sleepy or the usual “special” sort of psychotic symptoms that send the family running for cover when I say I’m trying YET ANOTHER diet. Nope it was Not ME that ate COOKIES and lost weight.. okay so it WAS!!! I know that’s not in the spirit of “Not Me Monday” but gang I’m so freakin’ happy I’m doing my blogosphere FAMOUS “Shake U Hiney It’s SO Fine E” dance ~~~(((|)))~~~ with less hiney in the shaken!! YEE HAW, this Monday is NOT sucking dirty toe nails. I hope yours doesn’t either gang.

Stay tuned I’ve got some GREAT deal tips on school supplies for you this week. We’ll hopefully also have an interview with our own Queen Nugget for the day, Martha. There will undoubtedly be a fit to pitch on Friday and I just might have a few other tricks up my sleeve. HAPPY MONDAY (wholly guano Batman did I just say THAT?!)

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