Fit Pitchin’ Friday… Who turned out the lights? (PR Black Out Week)

(Bumping into a wall and stubbing her toe) “fug*%#! dam-hell-crap!” Who turned out the cotton pickin’ lights?! Looks like a blackout. Okay so maybe it’s not a blackout like 1977 in New York (thank God for small miracles). And it’s not a blackout in the sense that I can’t get me my morning Joe, which would require the calling in of both the Red Cross and the Calvary. It seems though that this week was the blogosphere wide PR blackout. And why was I left out? I NEVER got the memo! Oh, was that pigeon a messenger? Crap, the cat got him first! SORRY!

Or could it be that I just don’t get enough PR to be asked to participate. Then again it could just be that I think it’s sort of silly. Now don’t go getting your Spanx (Introducing Slim Cognito, all orders over $50 get free shipping) in a knot. If you chose to participate, hey it’s your blog babe. I don’t judge, really I haven’t The Place (Monster Sale, now take an additional 50% off, spring fashions now $1.99 and under).

That said I understand some of the reasoning behind it. Some people get tons of daily PR pitches (not me, but some). And some of those people feel the need to respond (imagine manners, gasp!) by either saying yes or giving a detailed description of their reasons for saying no. That could really lead a person to need some Gin (Make mine a Sapphire Farhini, the newest in designer cocktails by Bombay Sapphire) . Me though I think if you want your blog to be just a blog, PR free, no Giveaways and that works for you well it works for me. If you want to give great tips on everything from coupons to products, sales to freebies, well then you’re just like Shannon and Mindi. Like them you probably got to go to Boston (I’d love to see Fenway Park, Harvard Square and Beacon Hill) and kvetch with the likes of the PR teams from T.J. Maxx (the proof is in the tag, this Christmas give the ultimate gift card) and Marshall’s (the back to school styles they want at the savings you want. Marshall’s gift cards, the perfect gift for anyone). I realize my eVite (Send the right message, we’ve now partnered with American Greetings to bring you eCards for every occasion) must have gotten lost in the mail.

I’m cool with my favorite blogs doing product reviews in exchange for free products as long as they are honest, just like ME. I don’t need disclosures taking up half the post to tell me that they got a free Commercial grade mandolin just like the one I long for from The Chefs Catalog (The best kitchen starts here) especially if I can get chance to see it in action and/or win one for me!

Here at The Nuggets my lovely sponsors
Bangerang Bake Shop and Sweet Maddy’s Paper & Gifts have two things in common (other than great taste in blogs). They are woman owned, and that is a big deal for me. And they’ve given me great products to review and give to you, and I’d never give you something that sucked, I heart ya too much.

So maybe I haven’t participated in the blackout, but I was pretty much in the PR dark to start with. Not an unfamiliar place for me.

OH OH I do have one cool sort of PR thing to share with ya that I’m SUPER excited about and that you might dig too. Check out the left side bar. See the snazzy orange ticket down there? Well that’s from Event Chaser! I’m an Official Event Chaser now. They are sending The DH and I to the New York Jets vs the Baltimore Ravens Monday night game. I LOVE me some NFL football. Okay football of any kind I’m not picky. Though I’m still loyal to my Blots I’m a Ho for the game so I’ll never turn down a ticket. And being cheap like I am, the price for these was pretty darn good… FREE! So there is my contribution to bringing light into the darkness of the PR scene these days.

To wrap up the fit. It’s YOUR blog do what YOU want.. SEC and super bloggers with tons of PR offers and the inability to just say NO be dammed!

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