Movin’ on up..

To theee top
To a .com REAL website
On the nehhh, hhh, hhh, het
OH I’m movin’ on up

Alright I’ll stop, geez I don’t sing THAT bad! Mean Nuggets you.

As the song high lights I’m planning a big move to a .com address…soon…how soon? Depends on the lottery numbers this Friday. Either that or the doe eyed plea I plan to lay on my parents for “sponsorship”.

In an effort to get my ducks in a row (do you know how to do that for real? Feed one bacon on a string. It slides right through and the next one chows down. Before ya know it.. ducks in a row.. on a string no less. TMI?)…I’m instituting a schedule for The Nuggets. Yep I’m battening down the hatches, tightening up the old belt, stopping the buck here and forcing myself to be a more “professional” blogger. What does that mean for you? You’ll still get your Fits. I’m addicted to giving crap away so that will stay. Pretty much it’s the same old stuff just on a set day. Here is how it will shake out.

Mondays: “Make Me Laugh Monday” Being that we all know Mondays suck dirty, nasty, corn chip toe nails, I’ve chosen to do my bloggy “stand up” this day, with the hopes that it might make you laugh thus making Mondays suck less.

Tuesdays: “Tuesday’s Tips and Titillation” The Nuggets will be the place to be on Tuesday if you want to check out a new product, get a freebie, enter a give away or link up your contests.

Wednesday: “Well Whatevvverrr Wednesday” Because I can’t bow down to the Gods of conformity completely, Wednesday will be whatever the hell it ends up being, SO THERE!

Thursday: “Thoroughly Thrifty Thursday” Need a money saving tip? Want to know how to make that killer crusty bread you fork out 8 stinking bucks for at Panera, for less than $2? Need a super cheap yet super cool party idea? You’ll find them all and more here at The Nuggets on Thursdays.

Friday: “Fit Pitchin’ Friday” You love it, I need it, it’s better than therapy and it’s not going anywhere. Meet me here every Friday. I’ll be pitching a fit and you can join in too. Link backs make us all feel better.

As for the weekends, we’ll I’m gonna try and wean myself from the blog. It’ll be hard but with the love and support of my family and friends I think I’ll be able to lead a normal life.

I’ll keep you posted about the move. I’m still in the market for a good designer if you know one send em my way.

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