We interupt your regularly scheduled blog to get Cozi with it

I had planned to share with you my latest online obsession later in the week. I’ve gotten hooked on the BEST family site EVER! And today they will be featuring #4 on their home page. Welcome to Cozi! Be sure to go check out my kid and their site, AFTER you read this post of course.

Here are just a few of the reasons I adore Cozi!

It saves me time, and time is money, so it saves me money.. and we all know how much I dig that. How does it save me time?

Well I’ve done away with the big paper calendar in the kitchen. Nobody but me ever paid attention to it anyway. With Cozi I keep a calendar for all the gang. They each have their own colored dots so as soon as I look at a day, before I even click on the details, I know who has something that day. I don’t have to remind The DH and #1, 527 times that they have something coming up. If the schedule changes I don’t have to call them, leave messages and wonder if they got it. Cozi sends them a text message reminder for me! I don’t even have to pry myself away from the keyboard to send them a message I can do that right from my Cozi home page!

They do Giveaways! I HEART giveaways. And I don’t have to enter or anything. There is a daily drawing and if your number comes up you win. And the prizes are out of this blogosphere too!! For example today it was a trip to any Beaches Resort in Jamaica—The Luxury Included® Family Vacation. Jamaica mon, ire!

Cozi has got the best of the best tips on topics ranging from Dealing with a picky eater (hello #3) to Helping Kids Organize (but not in the revolt against the establishment sort of way). They even have a whole section dedicated to two of my obsessions Savings and Samples!

They have a great “Family Journal” section where I can jot down the silly stuff that happens in this crazy coup. That is were Emily’s feature came from. I also use their note pad instead of sticky notes (much more eco friendly) for blog ideas. I bet you, just like me, come up with this GREAT idea for a post but can’t get into it because one of your kids is shaving the cat while the other one is playing Picasso with lip gloss on your new semi-gloss paint job. Okay, so maybe it’s only my kids that do that, but I bet you have distractions too. Cozi helps me capture that nugget of wisdom just before I have to go cook nuggets.

Cozi is like moms on-line helper, personal aide and magic assistant all in one. To top it all off it is FREE! FREE baby, it doesn’t get much better than that!!

One other thing I like about Cozi is it doesn’t have that cold corporate feel to it. Sure Outlook can do some of the stuff Cozi can. Yeah and electronic planner is one way to go. But what realy impressed me was when I started to see tweets from Robbie Cape, the CEO of Cozi. He wasn’t just tweeting “Hey come check out my cool new product” or “Cozi is the way to save your sanity” (though that can be said). I first caught a Tweet from him offering up a $1,000 sponsorship to bloggers who were left out of BlogHer 09 in Chicago. WOW! He/they cared about the people who weren’t there giving them lip service, sporting Cozi gear and tweeting every 30 seconds about Cozi. I didn’t get in on that action but I’m cool with that. That they even did a thing like that says a lot to me. Then I started paying attention to his other tweets. He talks about family, not business. He comes across as real and honest. In an economy that is hurting, in times that we are all stressed this CEO felt like a person not a mechanized cherry picker trying to pry that buck out of my fist and that combined with a great, useful, time and money saving product won me over.

Please go give Cozi a once over. I KNOW you’ll love it as much as I do. Oh, FYI I was NOT paid for this post. They didn’t ask me to do it. I was going to do it even before they put my Family Journal post on their home page. I honestly am very impressed by Cozi and know that it’s going to stay a big part of our family.

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