Thoroughly Thrifty Thursday

WOW, today is the first day I’ve actually posted on my self-imposed schedule (shocker!). I wanted to share with you some super great ways to save money on school lunches this year. And I still plan to do that BUT today I’m gonna give you a shot at some FREE stuff from

and MY FAVORITE site for FREE party stuff and swag GALORE!

This Friday I’ll be hosting a “Quest for the Best House Party” to share with my kids, their pals and parents all the great new stuff Lunchables has to offer this school year. Did you know the kids can now get crackers made with whole grains, spring water and sugar free Jello? How about this… Did you know that Oscar Mayer has a new program debuting on September 9th where they will be partnering with Kids Cafe a program that provides free snacks and meals to low-income children via Feeding America? It’s a great easy way to do something good for YOUR kids and for kids in need. You simply make a promise to put a note in your child’s lunch. I do this all the time and even my 15 year old likes them. For each promise Lunchables gets they’ll donate a meal. Just sign up and make your promise HERE.

So on to how this is thrifty for YOU, the Nuggetiers. Well I want you to go visit House Party. Sign up, it’s FREE. You’ll be able to apply for all kinds of parties. House Party will send you out a party pack. In that pack will be tons of things to give to your guests, tips on themes and what to serve, games and more. You’ll also get lots of support from them, with downloads, printables and more. AND IT IS ALL FREE! Even better they have just set up an Over 21 site for GROWN UP parties!

Do that and stop by Lunch Note and make your promise. Come back here and leave a comment for each. Two winners will receive a goodies bag from me filled with school supplies, fun stuff, and a coupon for a FREE Lunchable from HouseParty and Oscar Mayer. Next week on Thoroughly Thrifty Thursday I’ll post the winners, pictures of my party, and next week’s tip.. think artisan bread for less than TWO BUCKS a loaf!

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