Fit Pitchin’ Friday… I say we boycott!

You heard me BOYCOTT! I would like to start a movement.. blogosphere wide.. world wide..or just here at The Nugget Lair. What do I want to boycott? It’s pretty simple. I’d like to rid the world of all things that KEEP ME FROM BLOGGING! Here is the list I propose:

Mopping floors
Buying School supplies (can anyone tell me what my daughter’s school is going to do with all that Kleenex? I mean THREE boxes per kid, really? In her grade ALONE there have to be more than 100 kids. 100×3=300 lookie I did math! Where the HELL do they put all those boxes?)
Cooking more than 3 meals a day (really how much can you eat people?)
Cleaning in general
Paying bills
Cajoling neurotic family members

Oh the list can go on and on and on.. But sadly I’ve got to go do many of those things NOW! I can’t even squeeze in a PROPER fit today. I feel like I’ve let my Nuggetiers down. SORRY gang. But if it makes you feel any better you can STILL enter my contest for this week (see the upper right sidebar).

Make it a great weekend Nuggetiers! Thanks for making me love blogging!!!

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