So much for my weekend breaks!

Yeah, Yeah I KNOW I said I was going to TRY to avoid blogging on the weekend… BUT I know a number of the Nuggetiers are ALWAYS asking how the HECK I get such great coupon deals. This weekend is a GREAT weekend to get started with CVS Extra Care Bucks deals. I literally MAKE money shopping with CVS. So if you don’t have a card go to your local store THIS weekend and sign up. THEN go visit my personal “Ancient Chinese Secret” (were those NOT the BEST adverts of the 70’s?) For The Mommas I have a full on SUPER-CHEAP-MOMMY-CRUSH on Shannon!

My girl has got some GREAT ways to get you started on getting FREE or BETTER THAN FREE, stuff starting Sunday-Tuesday THIS WEEK! Be sure to grab several copies of your Sunday paper! You’ll be MAKING money off stuff like Glade Sense and Spray! Getting FREE Poise Panty Liners or Carefree (a money MAKER!). Even if you don’t use this stuff I’m SURE your local food bank or shelter will welcome them and it will have either cost you ZIP or MADE you money! I’m off to do my lists. Have a great weekend. Catch ya Monday for a laugh.. TUESDAY FOR FREE PIGGY PAINT NAIL POLISH (enter at the top right hand corner) and Thursday for FREE school supplies and LUNCHABLES!!!! Enter before Wednesday!!!

Ooooh yeah and if you want to get in on the GREAT deals and rebate I got on all this

After my coupons and the rebate ($20) I’ll be paying a total of $24.90 for ALL OF IT!
6 Capri Sun 10 pks
2 Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese
2 Blocks Kraft Cheese
5 NEW Healthier Oscar Mayer Lunchables
3 Bell Peppers
1 pound baby carrots
1 box whole wheat Ritz
1 9 oz jar Sour Cream
4 cups Velveeta Shells n’ Cheese
2 Boxes Chips Ahoy
2 12 Pack Nabisco Crackers and Cookies for lunches!
2 boxes Wizards of Waverley Place Fruit by the foot
2 5oz Shrimp Stuffed Talapia fillets
1 box Low Fat Wheat Thins
2 24 slice packs Kraft Singles
2 pounds yellow onions
2 Boxes Ritz Sandwiches
2 12 oz packs of Oscar Mayer lite bologna
3 2 liter Coke products

You have until 8/23 to get this deal. Check out the info on it at Moms Need to Know. She shopped Acme, I shopped Shoppers, but there are others just make SURE you get in on the deals by close of business SUNDAY the 23rd.

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