Make Me Laugh Monday

YEAH for the end of SUMMER!!!! I’m doing my blogosphere FAMOUS “Shake U Hiney it’s SO FINE E” dance, seen below.


And NO my sheer blissful joy at seeing TWO of my FOUR kids climb on the bus to be chauffeured away for the next 7 hours does NOT make me a bad mom! I do my best not to judge others. That said though, if I have to read one more word about how “Oh I’m going to miss them. My playmates are gone. It will be so quiet around here I’ll feel lost!” blah, blah, blah… haaa-bull-shit! (gasuntight)…

HOORAY for education, peace and getting to my Yoga class! If you still have a little one or two at home and you’re forced to, I don’t know.. FEED them. Stop by Cheapskate Mom’s pad. She is running a FABU contest. ONE MONTH OF FREE BABY FOOD… made by the lovely Mr. Tyler Florence himself!

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