Tuesday Tips & Titillation

Hey I DID IT! I’m posting on my schedule TWO TIMES IN A ROW!!!! (give me my small victories).

Well it looks like my post yesterday, though intended to, make you laugh (hence “Make Me Laugh Monday”) actually scared off a few followers. Oh well, ya can’t make em all laugh right?

On to the business of the day. Today is the BIG day for those of you who entered last week’s Piggy Paint glam-a-palooza;0} My lovely assistants (aka my kids) grabbed a name out of the hat box and that name was… drum roll please… Clueless Momma! CONGRATS! Get me your 411 so I can get you, your loot. Don’t forget NUGGET15 will STILL get you a nice discount if you want to grab ya some great safe nail polish AND support a mom owned business!

Today’s TIP:
Have lots of electronics collecting dust? Don’t pay big bucks for a static duster. Just use a dryer sheet. Yup a regular old dryer sheet. Not only will it get the dust it will leave a nice fresh smell in the room.

Today’s Titillation:
I’ll admit this is more of a FOR ME thing but guess what.. I’m a Featured Friend today at my bloggy buddy Cheapstake Mom’s pad. Sure she is my pal, the mind behind the Nuggetini, my partner in our soon to launch Etsy store and a great new Friday blog fundertaking… Drabby to Fabby Friday (no worries I’ll still be pitchin’ my fits I’m just going to try and bring you TWO fun things on Friday!).. she was also named a Blog of Note by Blogger AND featured on MSN for her Meatless Monday posts! Is she cool or what? I’m soooo hanging with the hip kids! You comming?

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