Fit Pitchin’ Friday… Who the hell thought of this crap?! and WHY can’t I get it out of my head!!!

I’d like to get five minutes alone in the broom closet with whoever the GENIUS is that thought up the show “Yo Gabba Gabba”.

I’d let my inner Southie come out and play for a bit. Yeah I’m Irish and I’ve never even been to Boston but we all think we’re bad asses that way. We Irish are scrappers, just as long as our opponent isn’t say.. a POTATO!

My question today Nuggetiers is simple WHO, WHAT THE HELL and WHY?! If you’ve got kids under 6 I’m SURE you’ve seen Yo Gabba Gabba and KNOW it’s a strange 70’s flash back/rip off of our beloved H.R. Puffnstuf! (you KNOW they were Puffin some STUFF back then eh?)

The thing is my kids are mesmerized, in a real creepy way, by Yo Gabba Gabba. I don’t let them watch it per se, but sometimes I get busy folding laundry or mopping floors (code for blogging) and it generally follows Dora The Explorer. And yes I know Dora isn’t much more than a gender ambiguous monkey lover who couldn’t find her way out of a paper sack if it weren’t for her talking map that some how can only channel my kids to communicate with her from inside her talking back pack. WHAT THE HELL ARE WE TEACHING OUR KIDS? That said though I’m cool with Dora, girl(?) power, right on! The thing is if I’m busy I’ll forget to turn the channel and then the invasion of the body snatchers goes “LIVE” in our TV room.

What is it about funky looking slightly effeminate guys dancing around and singing catchy but STOOOPID songs that grabs onto little brains and won’t let them go? Please explain The Wiggles while you’re at it! Yo Gabba Gabba is worse though. See I end up singing the freakin’ songs too! And in PUBLIC PLACES.. when my kids ARE NOT with me! This happened yesterday at the store. I was meandering down the cereal isle looking for the ONE box of cereal that was on sale (it was the FIRST day of the sale no less, but that’s another fit). I had no idea I was also singing ALOUD… “There’s a party in my tummy”… until a cute little snot nosed kid about 4 years old started laughing at ME! His mom was kind enough to tell him not to point. But still I could have crawled under the 30 foot toilet paper display!

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is something fishy in kid-TV-ville. They have got to have some sort of subliminal message in these shows. How else do you explain my kids sitting still for 30 minutes to watch Jack Black riding a Schwinn around with gigantic stuffed animal-like puppets? Hell these kids won’t even get within 30 feet of the guy in the Shamu suit at Sea World. So I’d just like to get to the bottom of this. Who the hell came up with this crap? And are they planning to take over the world starting with our 3 year olds?

Oh hey want to hear (read) me NOT pitching a fit? Go see my article about NFL Football HERE. Be sure to leave a comment so I become a rich and famous writer and you can come on my book tour with me some day.

2 thoughts on “Fit Pitchin’ Friday… Who the hell thought of this crap?! and WHY can’t I get it out of my head!!!”

  1. Can you not enjoy a tv program starring a friendly singing phallic-shaped nubbed-for-your-pleasure one-eyed monster, and his equally technicolor buddies? I get as mesmerised as my kids do when it comes on.
    KimĀ“s last blog post ..Rusty Kim In The City

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