I’m cheating on The Nuggetiers

Yup, I’m a cheater and I don’t care who knows. I’ve started another blog. WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?! The DH already gets steamed whenever he sees me at the keyboard. Which in his defense is more often than MAYBE it should be.

Remember a few weeks back I mentioned I’d lost 5.5 pounds in a week? Well a number of the Nuggetiers were all “How the heck did you do that? And where do I sign up”. I’m doing it with the help of a product called Smart For Life (they are NOT paying me so this is NOT a sell to my readers thing). The thing is I’m one of those people that needs support, who doesn’t really? So I started the new blog to chronicle the journey. And since Smart For Life gave me the jump start I needed, I gave them props in the blog title. Plus it sound cool eh, I’m all smart and stuff.

If you’re interested stop by. I’d LOVE to get your input on eating healthy, being active and what you do to help cut down on stress. Heck my answer to that is EAT so I’m not doing myself any favors there. Come on over and visit me at Smart Girl for Life. No worries I won’t be abandoning my Nuggetiers. I’ll still be here daily if I can swing that. I think I’d go TOTALLY bonkers without ya’ll anyway (sssshhhh don’t tell, most people think I’m already there!)

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