Tuesday Tips & Titillation

Today’s tip is one I just learned about and tried out myself to jaw dropping results. Really, I was speechless. That alone borders on being a “call the church we might have a miracle on our hands” moment.

Do you have vinyl or linoleum floors? They are evil aren’t they? I swear I mop and in less than 2 hours there is something either sticky, icky or gross on the floor. In defense of the floor though, the fact that I have four kids, 2 useless cats and an aversion to house work MIGHT have something to do with that. It’s forever frustrating to me. Either the standard Spic n’ sPAINinthebutt or any one of the 247 other brands I’ve tried gets it clean but leaves it dull. Or I try to take the short cut and use Mop n’ BLOWS which generally leaves a nice shine but little patches of eww that I missed with the mop.

Enter my new BFFC(best freakin’ floor cleaning) trick. Grab a spray bottle, fill it 2/3 of the way with water then add a quarter of a cup of Ivory dish soap. ONLY Ivory though! I tried a few others and had to pry my shoes off the floor with each step, YUCK. Spray the floor with the solution and do a quick mop before you break out the bald guy cleaner. It kicks butt on the dirt. And after the “real” mopping I get both clean and shiny floors. Of course that’s assuming I get to the “real” moping. I’m sort of cool with just the Ivory trick, after all I know it’s clean and someone is just going to spill juice on it in 3.4 seconds anyway.

There is your tip and here is the titillation.. FREE and Sexy.. ooooh that sounds a bit naughty huh? Get your minds out of the gutter, geez! Today (Tuesday Sept 1st) become a Fan of Victoria’s Secret on facebook and get a coupon for TWO free panties! You’ll find the coupon under the “Secrets” tab.

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