Whaaatevvverrrr Wednesday

Oh man I’m just TOAST today! It was one those nights my head hit the pillow and 2.4 minutes later I’m going at the alarm clock like Alex Rodriguez on shots day. The cool thing is, being that I’m brain dead, I’ve got some great other bloggers to pawn my blog duties off on.. um lean on in my time of need.

Did you know that there was a Mommy Blogger music network? Yup, there is and guess what it ROCKS! Even better today I’m the guest DJ over at Music Savvy Mom. Ri, the house DJ cracked me up with her lead in to my spin. You’ve got to go check it out!

Em, one of our long time Nuggetiers.. I think I’ll have to promote her to management soon.. is doing a GREAT cans for comments charity drive. She’s got it open until the 3rd. It’s a great way for us to help those in need by doing what we’d be doing anyway.. blog surfing! Please stop by Em’s pad, and hang around too she does a GREAT Food For Thought Friday post.

Hope you dig your fellow Nuggetiers as much as I do! Have a happy hump day kids.

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