Thoroughly Thrifty Thursday… FREE eats for YOU, and FREE Vegas for ME

Morning gang;0} I’m still dragging tail from lack of sleep and the usual ihavetodoeverythingforeveryone bug. That means that today’s post is gonna be short, BUT SWEET!

First, yours truly will be attending The Secret is In The Sauce convention SITScation 09 in Las Vegas…WOOT!! And since I’m SUPER cheap I found a way to go for FREE. The thing is I need you. Sure you can tag along in my bag, I’d say bags but I’m flying DEL-ripyaoff-TA so I won’t be taking bagS. Do you think, when you’re done hatin’, you could pop over Whrrl and see my “Story”? Be forewarned my lack of tech skill shows, save for the stuff that resident nugget-tech support Cheapskate Mom did. You’ll KNOW what she had a hand in. BTW if you are looking for a SUPER COOL & CHEAP button for your blog stop by Her Pad. I’d dig it if you could leave a comment on my Whrrl story or just click the “like” button.. assuming you LIKE. Danke Schone (a preview) gang!

On to the FOR YOU section of today’s post. I’m not eating them these days, working on that second chin eradication, but I heart pancakes. I’d live at IHOP if they could find a way to make everything there fat and calorie free while not changing it AT ALL. If you are the pancake type you can grab a friend, stop by HERE first and grab a coupon for a free design you own Slam. Put extra syrup on for me kay? BTW, the coupon is only good through the 6th of September so get going!

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