Do Nuggetiers run on Dunkin?

So um did I like fart or something? Or maybe after a glass or six of wine did I say something REALLY stupid (yes more stupid that USUAL)? See there are LESS than 20 entries for my TWO Dunkin Donuts gift cards. Usually the Nuggetiers are like rabid commenting dogs with killer high speed web surfing ninja skills jumping over each other with zeal to get entered to win… well pretty much anything.. yup, hate to say it but you guys are pretty easy. Don’t get me wrong I’m not gonna like post that on your Face Book wall so the whole school can read it an give you a bad rep. I’m just sayin’.

Any who I thought maybe it was just too involved and hard with ALL the 411 in the contest post.. SOOOO I’m gonna make it easier. Oh chill out all you Nuggetiers who worked hard for entries already! YOU will be awarded DOUBLE entries for your hard work. And for you lazy folks here is the deal. If you want to win one of the 2 Dunkin Donuts gift cards, or even both if the resident randomizers(aka my KIDS), pick your name TWICE.. I’d advise you to play the Lotto if that happens, cuz you’ve got some lucky mojo working there… Just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite morning food is. Do you run on Dunkin? Are you more of a Parisian (Persian! thanks spell check for making ME look like an ass and thanks Joy for pointing out that I DID INDEED look like an ass.. he he) doing the whole croissant thing? Maybe you’re into the wakie-wakie-eggs-and-bakee thing.

Contest ends Tuesday Sept 15th at midnight west coast time, the winner will be announced between Wednesday and Friday next week. You can earn one extra entry if you join the Nuggetiers (i.e. follow me) and one more if you Tweet-stalk me. If you already do both these things let me know. It’s cool to tell me how many entries you are entitled to in one comment. I always read ALL of them! Happy Saturday gang!

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