Tuesday’s Tips

Howdy Nuggetiers I’m blog shouting at ya from my FABU local Library. Today was story day and they came well equipped with lots of fun craft projects for the kiddos so I thought I’d take advantage of them not “needing” me, cuz “MOM I can do it WITHOUT YOU!” as told to me by #3, and do a quickie tip for this Tuesday.

Do you Twitter? I didn’t for the longest time. I’m sort of proud of my sucky tech skills, you know like I’m a book chick and that makes me better than a tech chick (NOT!). So I was dragged kicking and screaming over to Twitter and now I’ve found me another addiction.. BONUS, cuz like I didn’t already have ENOUGH of those!

Here is the thing that hooked me though, you can get great FREE stuff, meet super cool tweeps (that’s twitter speak for peeps, which is lazy American for people..see we’ve all lernt us somthin smart like today). I’ve actually found that what I like most is a Tweet Party. Okay like THAT is a shocker, if there is a party I’m there. How is this a tip for you? Well most tweet parties have, like any GOOD party, gifts for the guests. And the BEST hostess out there even has gives parties that help us be better parents AND get us some swag.

So today’s tip is find a Tweet Party, and the best place to find them is by following Resourceful Mommy you can read her fab blog HERE as well. Being the party animal, and cheapskate I am I bet I’ll see you there!

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