Whateeevrrrr Wednesday… Wii to go kiddo!

After my morning session of self abuse know as, “Training for a 5k with Jenn”, I sat my rather disgustingly sweaty exhausted big ol’ butt down on the floor to catch my daily 2.3 minutes of grown up TV, known as HLN. Couldn’t sit on the sofa, gross, TMI? I got my 30 sec doses of the weather, superficial headlines, sports (Yankees, really boys GROW UP) and the following heart warming (hack, cough, gag) bit of NEWS (yes they called it that).

Some 12 year old sofa spud in Seattle has gone and done his generation proud by breaking the world record on Guitar Hero. Just in case you’ve been under a rock or, I don’t know, READING A BOOK! Guitar Hero is a video game. The most recent version of which, Rock Band, will set you back a whopping $249.99 to play nothing but Beatles, yeah baby.. money well spent.

I would have been, oh that’s just the usually fluff that passes for news and moved on with my day had this cute little stay puffed guy NOT said the following…

“I never expected to break a world record for something big. Maybe something small but nothing important like this”

HELLO! Sweetie I realize that you are growing up in a generation obsessed with technology, hell bent on instant gratification and only vaguely familiar with things like respect and responsibility (hello again Mr. West I’m STILL talking to you). Darling I hate to break it to you, but Guitar Hero is NOT important. It might be “big” because many of us parents cave in and buy it, even play ourselves (haa-DH-choo, bless me). But sugar I’d be far more impressed if you could REALLY play Metallica guitar solo! That won’t happen soon though as the segment mentioned that our “Hero” had picked up a real guitar last year and “couldn’t figure it out”.

I’ve got a suggestion, how about you put that $249.99 towards some board games and a homemade dinner. Cook and play as a family, learn some stuff about each other, laugh and here is a thought BOND WITH PEOPLE IN YOUR FAMILY! Now before you Wii players and Guitar Hero/Rock Band fans go off on me let me just say this. We have a Wii and Guitar Hero, The DH was even ogling the Beatles Rock Band the other day. The difference here is that my two older kids play real instruments. We have a family game night weekly, that often includes playing video games TOGETHER. All four of them read daily or are read too. I hope that each of them understands that there are far more noble pursuits in life than scoring points on a video game. Okay, bring on the angered comments, I can take it!

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