Thoroughly Thrifty Thursday… Mighty Tidy

Nuggetiers, we’ve made it to Thoroughly Thrifty Thursday. And that means we’re just one day away from FRIDAY.. WOOT! This week has been killer for me, how about you? I know some of you out there like my favorite Hillbilly are a bit, shall we say “touched”, and like to clean for relaxation. NUT JOBS! No really I do honestly wish that I was one of you. If you asked The DH I bet you’d find that me being a cleaning NUT JOB is near the top of the list he goes over in his pretty little head every time he sees a shooting star, tosses a penny in a well and passes the random menorah.

Yeah I admit it I’m not exactly this lady!

How much sniffing of the aerosol in that can have you been doing Alice baby? I understand it must suck to clean up after Marsha AND Mr. Brady’s “special” friends but that crap can kill ya! JUST SAY NO

I may not be an icon of clean but I do at least keep new life forms from evolving under the cat dish. I even make sure to do the dishes, as long as the dishwasher is working. By that I mean, “Hey, teen aged son, stop it with the freakin’ texting and get your ass in here, them dishes ain’t doin’ themselves!”.

Even with all my loathing for doing the work, I do like to keep a tidy lair. One of the products sent by a sponsor of the Maryland Mom Bloggers GNO was a cleaning product from Shaklee (that is ALL I got for this post! This post isn’t a sponsored ad or a paid post, FYI for those of you..ED..accusing me of pimping my blog out). When forced to clean I have four criteria I like to live by: QUICK, good, CHEAP and green. When I perused the catalog sent along w/the product I about fell out at the prices! But the lovely Rebecca aka Clean Mama (who has fallen prey to our bloggy lure and joined us in the blogosphere at Clean Mama) explained the following to me about the H2 cleaner she sent the gang.

-It has over 1000 uses! On everything from counter tops both sealed granite and marble, windows, mirrors, appliances, stainless steel, sealed woodwork, barbecue grills to oil on driveway and more!

-Basic H2 can be mixed up into three formulas; a window cleaner (less than 1cent per 16 oz. bottle), all-purpose cleaner (3cents per 16 oz. bottle) and a degreaser (17cents per 16 oz. bottle)… WOW those prices even kick butt on my coupon deals!

-If you mix the entire bottle of H2 up as a window cleaner, it is the equivalent of 5,824 26 oz. bottles of Windex. So um that glass house I live in…. it’s SO gonna sparkle, shine and wreak havoc on birds! (whop, was that a goose or a gander?)

If you’d like to learn more about Rebecca and how she makes money w/Shaklee PLUS how you can get some nice discounts be sure to visit her site

I’ll be sticking with the H2, first because it works, second because I’m CHEAP and third because GET THIS.. when I told my mom how COOL this “new” product I got in my swag bag was she informed me that my GRANDMA used to use it. Even back in the 50’s when people were up tight, repressed and pickled my Grandma was doing the green thing way before it was hip. That’s how we roll in this family, we are so cool it takes decades for the rest ya’ll to catch up. SURE and I’ve got this bridge I’d like to sell ya!

Now I’m off to check into cheap airline tickets to send
Mrs. Duhn on a stress relieving retreat, known as the CLEANING MY HOUSE spa and resort!

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