Fit Pitchin’ Friday… WHY must you shatter my delusions?!

WELCOME Nuggetiers, both New/Crispy and Old/Chewy! We’ve made it to Friday and you know what that means right? It’s time to pitch a fit. Well at least I’m gonna pitch one. For you Crispy folks who might be sitting there saying “Heck if I wanted to hear a fit I’d just go turn off the TV and listen to my kids melt down.”, let me tell you why I get up on my soap box every Friday. I figure it’s safer than visiting the local firing range for stress relief after a week of teen, tween and toddler fits. And because I can’t simply walk into the Lotto office and scream “You’re the WORST Lotto EVER! You NEVER let me win ANYTHING, I HATE YOU!” and get what I want. I just subject the Nuggetiers to a weekly fit AND encourage all of you to do the same. There is something so therapeutic about venting to strangers on the Internet. So what if that makes me sound both needy AND nuts? At least I own it!

So this week’s fit is tossed in the general direction of the talented, intelligent and amazingly “normal” Katherine Dieckman, director of the up coming film Motherhood staring Uma Thurman and about (GASP) a mom blogger!

I was one of 20 mom bloggers who got to interview Katherine yesterday. I figured it would be an “I love me and this why you should see my movie you little people out there in real world land with nothing more interesting in your little lives than the big weekly sale at the local Sprawl Mart” type thing. But, I was still totally stoked to be included, yes I’m both cheap and easy. And guess what, I was SOOO WRONG too! You’d think that having been wrong so many times before, I’d get used to it but I was still shocked.

This woman does it all, like so many of us. In this case our super mom is also a writer, director, business woman and artist. I loved the story she told about spending an entire lakeside vacation chasing her son around and pulling him off the lifeguard tower, never making it into the water for even ONE swim. Been there done that.

She juggles motherhood and work like so many of us do too. The movie was filmed on location in her NYC neighborhood where she would be home when her kids got out of school. But what impressed me most was not that she wrote characters from MY LIFE, or that she lives in Uma’s building (talk about cool neighbors) or even that she reads mom blogs. Nope, I was most impressed by the fact that she leaves her wallet in strange places JUST LIKE ME!

After this surreal event ended I found myself getting a little ticked off. Where did this chick get off being both uber talented and NORMAL?! I’d expected a Au-Pair-hiring-personal-trainer-loving-artsy-fartsy type. She stepped all over those comfy preconceived notions I have that keep me sane, or at least by my standards of sanity. Like the one that goes something like this; All Hollywood types live in a fairy tale land called Nonrealityia. Where they buy $5000 strollers and loose all the baby weight 30 seconds after giving birth. Where kids are accessories and every day is a partay! How dare she be warm, real and someone I’d want to hang out with and tip back a few? Geesh now where does that leave me? Oh yeah back here at the computer, kids screaming that Sponge Bob is over and laundry calling my name. See no mater how sweet the delusions, reality calls.

FYI, I’m hoping to have an audio copy of the interview (where I get BIG props for the title of my blog YEAH ME!) up soon as well as some trailers and maybe even some movie swag for The Nuggtiers.

Fit pitched.. now it’s your turn!

OH one more thing. I might be able to interview one of the male stars from the film to get a dad’s perspective. Got any ideas for questions?

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